Midlothian Independent School District


See IT Hear IT Stop IT

The safety and security of our students, teachers and staff members are our top priority at Midlothian ISD. We believe in creating a safe environment at all of our campuses and facilities so each child can explore their passions and reach their unlimited potential. We thank you for your partnership in making our schools a safe place for everyone to learn and grow. Check the list below for helpful information on knowing when to talk to your campus administration or when to use the See IT Hear IT Stop IT tool.

  • Use the See IT Hear IT Stop IT tool if you want to share something with campus and district administrators but would like to remain anonymous.  
  • Use the See IT Hear IT Stop IT tool if you have time-sensitive information that needs to be communicated immediately with campus and district administrators regarding student or staff safety.
  • Please understand that if reports do not include student names, it is usually impossible to investigate and respond to concerns thoroughly.
  • You should talk with the campus principal if you have concerns regarding your student, other students on campus, or a staff member for any reason for which you feel comfortable giving your name. Please send an email or call the campus principal or assistant principal. If the information is urgent regarding student or staff safety, please complete a Stop IT report for immediate notification. 

See It. hear it. Stop it.

Campus Administration


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