Midlothian Independent School District


Previously Enrolled Students

If your student has attended Midlothian ISD in the past, but did not complete the prior school year, please follow the steps below and complete New Student Enrollment. 

  • If your student has attended Midlothian ISD prior to 2021, and/or you do not have a Midlothian ISD Family Access Account, please click the link below to create one.  If you have a student who is re-enrolling after a year or more and you have a Family Access Account, please log in to your account and complete New Student Enrollment.

click here to create your family access account

  • Current Midlothian ISD families wishing to enroll siblings should log in to their existing Family Access Account and choose New Student Enrollment from the drop down menu next to the white house icon. 

click here to login to your family access account

For assistance, please see our Enrollment & Registration FAQs. If you need further support, please reach out to your campus registrar at the email below.

Midlothian High School - registrar.mhs@midlothianisd.org

Midlothian Heritage High School - registrar.mhhs@midlothianisd.org

Frank Seale Middle School - registrar.fsms@midlothianisd.org

Walnut Grove Middle School - registrar.wgms@midlothianisd.org

Deit - registrar.dms@midlothianisd.org

Irvin - registrar.jri@midlothianisd.org

Baxter - registrar.teb@midlothianisd.org

Longbranch - registrar.lbe@midlothianisd.org

Mt. Peak - registrar.mpe@midlothainisd.org

Vitovsky - registrar.jav@midlothianisd.org

Miller - registrar.lme@midlothianisd.org

McClatchey - registrar.dme@midlothianisd.org

Coleman - registrar.jce@midlothianisd.org