Midlothian Independent School District


School Resource Officers

  • What is a school resource officer? 
    A Midlothian School District School Resource Officer is a full time Midlothian Police Officer who is assigned to work our campus on a full-time basis. Each SRO is carefully selected and trained for their role in our schools and has successfully completed the State of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements for licensing and training to be an SRO.
  • Are school resource officers armed? 
    Yes. Our SRO are full-time, State of Texas commissioned, sworn peace officers.
  • What are appropriate roles of school resource officers? 
    The goals of MISD SRO program includes providing safe learning environments in our schools, providing valuable resources to school staff members, fostering positive relationships with youth, developing strategies to resolve problems affecting youth and protecting all students, so that they can reach their fullest potentials.
  • How many school resource officers are there? 
    MISD has SROs assigned to each elementary, middle and high school campus.  
  • Are the school resource officers trained to respond to campus emergency? 
    Yes, our school resource officers have received in-depth training to respond to emergency situations. Emergency ranging from an active shooter, fire, tornado, hazardous material spill to an earthquake. The goal of our SRO’s is to provide on-site leadership and immediate corrective intervention to any emergency situation that could occur to protect our kids and staff.