Midlothian Independent School District


Energy Management

The most expensive commodity purchased by school districts is energy. In an effort to reduce consumption, conserve energy, and promote conservation, Midlothian ISD has implemented a set of Utilities Management Guidelines. These guidelines reduce consumption and conserve energy while still providing quality learning environments.

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Energy Manager

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Every Dollar Saved On Energy Is A Dollar Saved For Education

In 2010, Midlothian ISD partnered with Cenergistic (formerly known as Energy Education) to help the district's efforts to conserve energy and save dollars that can be redirected back into the classroom to support education.

Craig Carpenter, MISD Energy Manager, oversees the program to ensure that energy saving practices are in place and are adjusted as needed. This is a comprehensive plan that also includes new construction planning and education for staff and students.

MISD's overall cost avoidance since June 2011 through June 2021 is: $4,179,683. This has reduced CO2 output by 11,742 metric tons which is equivalent of 2,446 cars taken off the road each year.

How Much Energy Do You Use in a Day?

In 2010, each person in the United States used an average of 868,500 British thermal units (Btu) per day. A Btu is a common energy unit equal to the amount of energy that comes from burning one wooden kitchen match.

So in one day, a single person uses about as much energy as:
  • 868,500 matches or about half a tank of gasoline (7 gallons)
  • 100 watt incandescent light bulb lit for 24 hours per day for 106 days (255 Kilowatt hours of electricity)

Make it a habit to adjust your thermostat and turn out the lights and computers when not in use.