Midlothian Independent School District


Summer Reading

Are you looking for a Summer reading challenge? Check out these reading programs that will run June 1, 2024 to August 1, 2024!

Challenge 1:  MISD Sizzling Summer Reading Bingo
MISD students and staff are invited to enjoy The MISD Sizzling Summer Reading Bingo Challenge!

Where can I find books to Read this summer?

  •  Read Ebooks or listen to audiobooks on a computer LINK 
  •  Read Ebooks or listen to audiobooks on a mobile device LINK
  •  Visit your school library website for other online reading material like magazines, biographies, and more! LINK
  •  Read physical books from the Meadows Public Library LINK 
  • For the bingo challenge, feel free to include books that you find from other sources as well!

What is the Sizzling Summer Reads Challenge?

  • Complete any row of the Reading Bingo card.
  • Or complete the entire card!

Where can I find the bingo cards?

  • Elementary Bingo Card LINK
  • Secondary Bingo Card LINK 

What do I do when I finish?
The challenge is just for fun, so enjoy!

Challenge 2: MISD Summer Sora E-book Challenge
MISD students are invited to see how many Sora ebooks they can read!  Sora automatically tracks reading; so, no reading logs are needed. Just read, enjoy, and our top readers who want to participate will be recognized at the start of the 2022 school year.

How do I access Sora Ebooks?

  • You can read Sora ebooks and audio books on a computer LINK .
  • You can read Sora ebooks and audio books on a mobile device LINK .

How do I track the number of books and the number of minutes I've spent reading?
Sora Keeps track of this!  To look up how many books you have read and how many minutes have been spent reading, follow these directions LINK . Set the report for the date range of May 24, 2024 to August 10, 2024.

How do I submit my Sora reading?

  • Be logged into your student gmail account and open the form at this LINK.
  • Submit your reading information.
  • Recognition of students will vary by campus. Recognitions will only include those students who have chosen to participate by completing the form above.

Challenge 3: MISD Shelfie
Want to share what you are reading or where you are reading this summer? Post a photo of you with your book and add the hashtag #MidlothianReads!

Are other summer reading programs available?
Yes! For your convenience, a list of other reading programs can be found at this LINK.  Please note that these programs are not sponsored by MISD.