Midlothian Independent School District


Heritage High School Art Department

Heritage High School Art Course Offerings:

  • Art I - Students learn the foundations of Art through the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  Students of all ability levels are encouraged to take this introductory course to experience a sample of many different techniques and media.
  • Art II - Students expand on their skills learned in Art I and will dive deeper into learning more techniques and working at a higher level.
  • Art III Pre-AP - This is an independent study course where students will begin working on their AP Portfolio by utilizing the skills learned in Art I and II.  Students in this class have more creative freedom and will participate in organized critiques that will allow them to construct a well-rounded portfolio of work.
  • Art IV AP - The AP class is an independent study course that allows seniors to finalize their AP Portfolio by completing a sustained investigation of a particular idea or narrative.  Students have a heavy workload that generates artwork that should be thought-provoking, have high-quality technical skills, and form a cohesive body of work.  


Meet the Teacher

Katerina Lilly Macswain - katerina.lilly@midlothianisd.org

Mindy Reeves - mindy.reeves@midlothianisd.org