Midlothian Independent School District



The Business Office is responsible for the daily business operations of the district which include: Accounts Payable, Accounting, Budget, Benefits/Risk Management, Investments and Cash Management, and Purchasing.  

Debt Management Strategies & Board Foresight Save Taxpayers Money

Midlothian Independent School District ("MISD" or the "District") has actively deployed various debt management practices to lower the borrowing costs of taxpayers. Such actions have reduced the cost of voter-approved bonds and provided MISD taxpayers with more than $121 million of direct savings since year 2010!

  • $96,307,949 - Bond Refundings and Prepayment of Bonds
  • $24,771,925 - Lower Interest Rates from Prudent Use of Variable Rate Bonds $121,079,874 - Total Savings to Taxpayers  

Prudent Use of Variable Rate Bonds: 

  • Midlothian ISD has strategically incorporated variable rate bonds within its debt portfolio since year 2011 - lowering its borrowing cost by approximately $24.77 million in comparison to the sale of fixed rate bonds.
  • The District's interest rate on its existing $45,685,000 Variable Rate Unlimited Tax Refunding Bonds, 2013-C is currently 1.50%.