Midlothian Independent School District


Potential Candidates & Application Process

What makes a student a potential candidate for LEAP Academy? 

  • If you meet one of the following criteria, you are a viable applicant for LEAP Academy:
  • Did not pass the semester in two or more subjects of the core curriculum in the preceding or current school year or were not advanced from one grade level to the next for one or more school years.
  • Did not perform satisfactorily on one or more sections of the most recent state administered assessment instruments (STAAR/EOCs)
  • Are pregnant or are a parent
  • Have been placed in an alternative education program during the preceding or current school year
  • Have a medical condition or other need requiring you to complete school more quickly
  • Are currently on parole, probation, deferred prosecution, or other conditional release
  • Previously dropped out of school
  • Are in the custody of DPRS or have been referred by a school official, juvenile court or law enforcement official to the DPRS during the school year
  • Are homeless
  • Resided in the preceding school year or the current school year in a residential placement other facility in the district, including a detention facility, substance abuse treatment facility, emergency shelter, psychiatric hospital, halfway house or group foster home

Other factors considered an application :

  • Total number of credits earned—minimum of 13 credits (Junior Status)
  • Age - you need to be at least 16 years of age, but not over 21. (Only 9th -12th )

Application Process

  1. Student is currently enrolled in Midlothian ISD
  2. Student makes an appointment with their campus counselor to discuss the program and determine eligibility
  3. If the student meets eligibility requirements, counselor will provide them with an application and help them gather the necessary academic components
  4. Once the student completes the application they return it to their counselor
  5. The counselor will submit the application to the designated administrator
  6. Campus administrator will submit completed applications to LEAP Academy Administration where it will go through committee review and approval
  7. Student continues regularly scheduled classes and maintains attendance until further instruction