Midlothian Independent School District


Our Culture

In Midlothian ISD, we believe our culture is the heart and soul of our schools. Our culture provides more than a legacy of excellence - it’s something much more meaningful. Our culture speaks to how much we truly care for every child, teacher, and staff member along with their families.

Cultural Tenet We Are Family


In MISD, we are family.

  • Every child, teacher, staff member and parent is a part of our inclusive family.
  • We are passionate about our students and learning.
  • We treat each person with respect, and kindness always matters in every interaction.

We believe in celebrating the power of diversity.

  • Honoring and celebrating every individual is powerful. It’s where heart and kindness fosters a family environment.
  • Because we see each person as an individual, learning is personalized, resulting in achieving new heights.
  • When we are inclusive, everyone’s uniqueness is celebrated.


Cultural Tenet Celebrate the Power of Diversity



Cultural Tenet Honor Relationships

We value and honor all relationships.

  • Trust and transparency is the key to honoring each and every relationship.
  • We value frequent, consistent and reliable communication that is also courteous. When each person is “in the know,” we all benefit.
  • Understanding each perspective also is critical to honoring relationships. We want your feedback and input because some issues may impact your student or family. While we may not always agree on every issue, frequent and reliable communication is essential.

We believe in the unlimited potential of everyone.

  • Inspiring excellence is the foundation of tapping into each person’s unlimited potential.
  • When learners are equipped with the necessary knowledge, they are prepared to achieve excellence.


Cultural Tenet Unlimited Potential


Cultural Tenet Excellence Through Purpose

We believe in excellence through purpose.

  • We pride ourselves on making purposeful and meaningful decisions.
  • When each action has a purpose, we achieve excellence in everything we do.

When our parents and community are behind us, we are Midlothian Strong.

  • We recognize that we are all better together.
  • When we are united we are stronger and can achieve new heights year after year while preserving our legacy of excellence.


Cultural Tenet We are Midlothian Strong