Midlothian Independent School District


2016 Growth Management

It was the recommendation of district administration and the Board of Trustee that a long-range facilities planning committee be formed in the spring of 2016 to study the impact of growth on Midlothian ISD. Using the Strategic Plan, conducting a comprehensive study of the current state of the District, and evaluating trends in growth patterns of Midlothian, the committee is charged with creating a long-range plan that not only meets future needs of the District but also fits within current financial constraints.


  • Space: In order to keep buildings at an optimal capacity while providing opportunities for growth and changes in programs, the District will need to consider additional and modified facilities.
  • Safety: The District will consider all aspects of construction, renovation, distribution, and purchasing of facilities to ensure the greatest safety for students.
  • Standards: To provide an equitable educational experience for all MISD students, the District will determine standards for all facilities, technology, and other resources.