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Hall of Honor hosts Class of 2023 Banquet

Hall of Honor hosts Class of 2023 Banquet

The Midlothian ISD Athletics Hall of Honor welcomed the Class of 2023 to the Hall of Honor.

It was an evening filled with celebration, reunions, memories, tears, and laughter.

Inductees shared stories and their remarkable achievements were celebrated. “It was heartwarming to see family, friends, and members of the community come together to honor and recognize the accomplishments of this incredible class,” said Hall of Honor Chairman Matt McKay.

Members of the Class of 2023 Include:

  • Ray Hydes - MISD Coach / Educator
  • Andrea Norton Rodgers - Athlete - 1989 MHS Graduate
  • Shana Rash Vaughan - Athlete 2003 MHS Graduate
  • Clif White - MISD Coach / Educator
  • Lee Wiginton - MISD Coach / Educator
  • 1958, 1959, 1960 MHS Boys Basketball Teams
    • Full List of Team Members: Everett Baldwin (59, 60), Burley Bearden (60), John Charles Clark (58), John Coil (59), Charles Ray Coil (58), Dwaine Coley (58), Freddie Floyd (58, 59), Ronnie Gilbert (58, 59), Sam Harrington (58, 59), Gary Hayes (59, 60), Michael Hice (59), Moe Holland (60), Jimmy Hunt (58, 59), Mickey Kuykendall (60), Bobby Lawson (58), Wayne McLemore (58), Jimmie Mitchell (60), Butch Parker (59, 60), Billy Pickard (59), David Spencer (58), David Stiles (58, 59, 60), Jimmy Stiles (59, 60), Bobby Taylor (58), Pat Wadley (60), Jimmy Webb (60), Johnny Woodard (60) Head Coaches: Richard Allen (58, 59) and Derrill Nippert (60) Student Manager: Ronald Curry (59), Gary Hayes (58), Johnny Rogers (60), Michael Tidwell (60), Jimmy Webb (58, 59)
  • 2003 MHS Girls Golf Team
    • Ashley Cole Durfey, Susan Thomas Baker, Laura Cross Hargrove, Loren DeMent Meager, and Coach Stephanie Upshaw (not pictured: Kimberly Kruger Casanova)
  • 2006 MHS Softball Team
    • (left to right): Front Row: Melissa Lloyd Martinez, Lindsay Fallen, Caitlyn Willis Keller, Alyce Trevino Hawkins, Kaydee Bland, Tori Benavidez Rivera, Back Row: Head Coach Jennifer McFalls, Brittany Caruthers Wentworth, Jessica Moore Wilson, Hollie Curry, Nikki Ott Robinson, Kerri Rachard Lyons, Geri Redden, Athletic Trainer Winona Wood Ross
    • Full List of Team Members: Tori Benavidez Rivera, Kaydee Bland, Brittany Caruthers Wentworth, Hollie Curry, Lindsay Fallen, Claudia Flores Evans, Jennifer Holland, Lindy Latham, Melissa Lloyd Martinez, Jessica Moore Wilson, Meghan Morrow Hawkins, Nikki Ott Robinson, Chelsea Peel, Marissa Powell, Geri Redden, Kerri Richard Lyons, Alyce Trevino Hawkins, Caitlyn Willis Keller Head Coach: Jennifer McFalls Assistant Coaches: Rhonda Currey, Frank Griffin, Charity Harvill, Cindy Williams Athletic Trainer: Winona Wood Ross Student Manager: Brittany Dearing Student Trainer: Sarah Kerzee

The Hall of Honor induction banquet was a beautiful way to celebrate the achievements of the inductees but also a reminder of the values that make the Midlothian community great. The inductees' stories serve as an inspiration to future generations to strive for excellence and make a positive impact on their community. It was a night to remember, and the Hall of Honor looks forward to welcoming future inductees to this prestigious group who have made a significant impact in the Midlothian community.

The Midlothian ISD Athletics Hall of Honor was established in 2014 to celebrate those individuals, teams and supporters who have distinguished themselves through excellence in athletics, and to inspire interest and enthusiasm for athletics at Midlothian ISD. For more information about the Midlothian ISD Athletics Hall of Honor and the Class of 2023, please contact Kathryne Buckley.

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