Midlothian Independent School District


Bond Oversight Committee

Committee Composition

This committee is comprised of members from the Midlothian Community.  These MISD community members were selected by the Board of Trustees and District administration. Selection of members is based upon professional backgrounds and related skills with finance/construction as well as civic and community involvement, so members can effectively fulfill their responsibilities.

Community Committee Members

  • Boyd Barham
  • Jan Davis
  • David Hodges
  • Wayne Jones
  • Nicole Lucas
  • John Matthews
  • Ryann McCarthy
  • Gina Moore
  • Charlene Nelson
  • David Tuttle
  • Bill Vansyckle

Staff Committee Members

  • Todd Hemphill (Board President)
  • Lane Ledbetter (Superintendent)
  • KayLynn Day (Asst. Supt.)
  • Jim Norris (Asst. Supt.)
  • Heather Prather (Board Trustee)
  • Kristen McClure (McClatchey)
  • Gary Moss (Frank Seale MS)
  • Krista Tipton (Heritage)
  • Hollye Walker (Vitovsky)


The responsibilities of the committee will be:

  • Review the financial status of voter-approved 2016 bond program through periodic financial reports such as financial statements, investments reports, contracts, budget amendments, approved bid awards, related debt, and other reports the committee may request of the Superintendent.
  • Review the progress of voter-approved 2016 capital projects.
  • Review the expenditure of bond proceeds to determine that proceeds are being expended for the approved purpose.
  • The Committee will provide an annual report to the Board of Trustees.

Additional Information:

  1. The committee has no decision-making authority.
  2. Individuals on the committee have no special standing outside committee.
  3. Agendas and minutes will be created, kept, and posted on the District’s website.
  4. Nothing in the creation of this committee can be construed as usurping the authority and power of the legal and proper functions of the MISD School Board and the MISD Administration.