Midlothian Independent School District


Attendance Zones & Goals

Midlothian ISD has grown by more than 1,700 students in the last five year and as a growing district, we prides itself on being as proactive and strategic as possible when opening new schools and creating campus zones that:

  • Keep subdivisions intact in an effort to keep neighborhood friends together
  • Leverage space at each campus that allows MISD to always be good stewards of our community’s tax dollars
  • Support and establish equity across the district when it comes to student enrollment across the district
  • Adhere to policies for students when opening a new school.

With fast growth, we may rezone

Due to the growth across Midlothian, MISD currently serves 112-square miles and six municipalities. MISD continues to monitor enrollment and school capacity to strategically identify and address the potential need for additional elementary, middle and high schools.

MISD school boundaries are slated to remain the same for the 2024-25 school year.

Every time a new school opens, the district evaluates its boundaries to balance enrollment. The process takes approximately one calendar year as we review home developments and enrollment patterns, identify possible school zone options, review transportation needs and much more. Below is a standard timeline, but is customized each time the district goes through a rezoning process.

Here in MISD, students attend school based on where they live

To learn where your neighborhood is zoned elementary through high school, click HERE. Some campuses provide unique and specialized programs and your student may be required to attend a different campus.

Please note: As new neighborhoods and streets are developed, these maps serve as a guide. You may wish to call the district at 469-856-5000 to verify the campuses your home is zoned to attend.

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